All Systems Tech was founded in 2015 and located in Sydney Nova Scotia by Rubin Binder.

Over 20 years of professional experience in enterprise IT, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering and a life-long passion for electronics design and repair is put to work at Sydney’s All Systems Tech. Rubin’s experience began early as a child exploring in his father’s lab at a community college specializing in office equipment repair. From there, he was constantly driven to understand the inner workings of virtually anything he could get his hands on.

He started his first consulting and repair company during high school and before university had ended already had worked in private industry and government as a computer technician. After university he went directly to the engineering and product design using and creating cutting edge technology for over 15 years.

Rubin now has chosen to return to the challenge and reward of hands-on problem solving, repair using his deep history in computers and electronics at All Systems Tech.