Zirconium 3-way Monitor Speakers

ByRubin Binder

Zirconium 3-way Monitor Speakers

Build based on design by Scott Sehlin
Parts Express Project Page with specifications

Modifications from original design:

  • Plumbing pipe port with 90 deg. bend
  • External crossover
  • Baer Deck-Over (textured latex) over MDF for durable finish
  • #6-32 T-Nuts for speaker mounting
  • Egg crate open-cell foam on all possible surfaces

  • They sound fantastic, very accurate highs and lows from a reasonably small speaker.

    Photos of the build:

    IMG_7366^Front view

    IMG_7363^Finished Product

    IMG_7365^External Crossover

    IMG_7367^Pair of speakers

    IMG_7231^Gorilla Glue + air nails

    IMG_7233^Wiring and sealing

    IMG_7230^Port tube

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