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Please note that I am no longer offering services directly to the public. This site will now just feature personal projects.

ByRubin Binder Mar 9, 2016


So what is re-capping? No, it's not the normal repeating-yourself-again summary of what was just said - it's a solution to perhaps the #1 killer

ByRubin Binder Feb 12, 2017

1940’s GE C-326/C-327 Radio and Turntable Console

This restoration was a bit tricky. Initially, the symptoms were loud humming and distorted sound which usually means old capacitors. After repl

ByRubin Binder Mar 4, 2017

1930’s Phonola Radio (T Eaton Co, Electrohome, Dominion Industries); Kitchener Ontario

Farmhouse AM / Short Wave Radio 1937 Phonola This radio was particularly interesting because it was built to be completely battery operate

ByRubin Binder Jan 13, 2018

Wharfedale OptionOne Speaker Repair

I was asked by a colleague to take a look at some special speakers that needed repair, I'm glad I did. Here is an example of an amazing rarity o